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Vancouver Oil Proposes Largest Oil Terminal on West Coast, 2 miles from City Center. VOC emission smell really bad for a long distance downwind of the terminal, and pose a serious risk to Vancouver's vitality. 

Fresh off the presses 4/7/2017...  All Red buttons are new today.  

4/19 Corrected the link to the full Rev 2.1 report to get the right document!

Tesoro Oil, and its subsidiary Vancouver Oil are getting permits for the biggest oil terminal on the west coast, less than 2 miles west of Vancouver’s city center. Oil terminals stink, literally. This terminal is so close to commercial and residential property that noxious odors could destroy the vitality of our community.

We don't want our town to stink like crude oil!

The threat of odors will alienate new commercial development, even at the Port. It would drive away customers for miles downwind. It would depress economic growth. It will would jobs. It would depress property values of the highest value property in the region. It would increase health risks. It would depress tax revenue. It doesn't even make economic sense for the Port!

      This stinking terminal is simply irresponsible. 
There has been significant testimony regarding odors and health risk, but until now there has not been any data or analysis. WATS used emissions data from 3 similar facilities, and modeled the dispersion of these VOC’s. The analysis suggests that Tesoro may be understating VOC emissions by roughly 8x. Here is a 1 page handout:

WATS studied this concern, and wrote a detailed 16 page technical analysis. It reports actual emissions on 3 very similar terminals that emit an average of 2095 lbs./day. That's 8x the emissions Tesoro Claims. WATS developed a simple dispersion model, and overlaid the results onto a Vancouver map, shown upper right. The model shows that it won't be safe to be with 5 miles of the terminal, and will likely stink for 15 miles. Here is a 2 page technical summary I shared with EFSEC (state permitting) and SWCAA (local air quality guys) on 4/6/2017. SWCAA was very interested.

I started a Google Groups discussion today as well. When you join, we can all talk about what is happening, what is new, ask and answer questions, announce events, and we can let each other know specific action you can take to make a difference.

Below is the unabridged, 16 page full technical analysis. It provides extensive references, data sources, calculation methods, results, and implications. It concludes that even if Tesoro emission estimates are right, Vancouver is in deep trouble.


Commissioners Oliver and Wolfe continue to support Tesoro's process. They have been misled to believe the odor problem is "negligible." The Port could act now, and negotiate a contract amendment with Vancouver Oil prevent these emissions. Or they could simply cut their losses and cancel the lease.

There are a host of other reasons to reject the terminal based on environmental issues like climate change, risks of oil spills into the Columbia, devastating fires like the one in Mosier Oregon last summer.  WATS prepared an overview of hazards associated with Oil-by-Rail transport. For the report, click the link below.

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