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1. This 3 page overview summarizes WATS concerns about air pollution associated with the terminal, and weaknesses in the permit.

8. This is a 4 page overview of the tragic train safety and history of tank car designs I published a year ago. It has marginal relevance to the air permit.

5. Tesoro has one of the worst track records in the industry, habitually violating the Clean Air Act. The permit needs to define a set of corrective actions to keep Tesoro in compliance.

Vancouver Oil Proposes Largest Oil Terminal on West Coast, 2 miles from City Center. VOC emission smell really bad for a long distance downwind of the terminal, and pose a serious risk to Vancouver's vitality. 

6. This paper takes another look at how odors and noxious fumes will increase health risks. 

New content as of 6/6/2017

2. This paper focuses on actual case studies illustrating the high probability that the oil terminal will generate unpleasant odors and unhealthy emissions that could seriously degrade the quality of life for Vancouver residents.

4. The permit is riddled with so many holes it looks like Swiss cheese.  The technical flaws are so prevalent it isn't useful as a framework to insure regulatory compliance. 

3. The large storage tank farm vents 5 million gallons of vapors into the air each day. Tesoro claims that is the Best Available Control Technology (BACT). They are dead wrong. And they calculated their tank emissions incorrectly, understating emissions by 6x for new tanks, 24x for when they get old and rusty.

7. Tesoro filed an MSDS with the application after a new law took effect updating requirements for Global Harmonization. It doesn't comply with the new standards. In fact, it doesn't even comply with the old law!  

WATS has taken keen interest in these air quality issues, and has invested more than three engineering months assessing the impact on Vancouver.  These links take you to the reports I submitted to EFSEC as public testimony before June 7.  

Columbia Riverkeepers' May Member Spotlight recognizes my work!    

WATS Cares About Vancouver!