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Bob Low started WATS in 2014 to help farmers use a little bit of technology to drastically improve yield an crop quality. He is a well seasoned, versatile engineer, program manager, and technology strategist. Bob worked for HP for 27 years, and more recently started his own solar energy company. In his spare time he is a local volunteer, and strives to make the Northwest a better place.

Developing Pragmatic Technology Solutions for the Agriculture Industry


When growers decide how to modernize the technology on their farms, selecting and integrating the components can be a daunting task. How to choose soil moisture sensors or weather systems, moving data from one system to another, or optimizing irrigation schedules and prescriptions can be maddening.  The latest advances in technology can significantly improve any growers' net returns, but the complexity is a serious barrier for adoption.

We are developing usable, practical solutions based on the latest science that can help any grower to make better decisions in less time. We focus on coordinating development efforts between industry players and academic researchers to develop pragmatic solutions and accelerate the market penetration of new technologies in agriculture. 

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Program Management

Offering a full range of Program Management services starting with stimulating customer focused innovation, to providing strategic planning, developing activity based cost models, and using Lean Start-up methods to accelerate market adoption of any technology based program




Integrated System Development 

Growers need help assembling a network of soil moisture sensors, weather stations and telemetry. They want to use their existing irrigation equipment while having one place to manage their field data, irrigation schedules and VRI prescriptions.  Currently they have trouble getting everything to work together!  We have a great relationship with many of the leading industry equipment suppliers, and providing leadership to integrate technology on farms to work together better as a system. 



Quality Management: 6-sigma 

With nearly 2 decades of quality management experience, we offer consulting services to get any of your processes under control using practical statistical process control methods that anyone can use.  




About Western AgTech Solutions

Engineering and Program Management services focusing on practical integrated technology solutions for agriculture.